Who Uses Trend?
Jeg Coughlin, Jr
"I'm not book-smart, but I have common sense and feel I have a knack for engines and engine tuning. For eleven years I've been using Diamond pistons. They have the best quality and service in the industry."

Roy Johnson, J&J Racing
Engine Builder for Jeg Coughlin Jr

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Production of valve locks and lash caps begins at Trend Performance’s new Asheville NC plant

  Producing valve locks and lash caps is a tricky business—one that has brought pandemonium to many a machine shop in the past. Even when they master the techniques and can produce these small, vital valve train components competently, they…

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Lash caps and hollow valve stems

Spin it up!

New thick-wall, 7/16in diameter, one-piece, direct replacement pushrods for high performance diesels operating under stress

Beerhorst on boosted engines and how a Spintron finds power and detects trouble

Trend releases new pushrod series for Cummins, Powerstroke and Duramax diesel engines