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    Engine Professional Publication | Oct-Dec 2011
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  • Paul Hoskins - Grey Motorsports Paul Hoskins - Grey Motorsports “Assuming no engine failures, a set of Trend pushrods will run an entire NHRA Pro Stock season—with no concerns. I’ve been using Trend pushrods and piston pins for almost 15 years.
    Paul Hoskins
    Gray Motorsports
  • Jason Line - KB Racing Jason Line - KB Racing “Building successful Pro Stock race engines is a craft, involving hours of SpinTron and dyno testing We look for valve train stability and durability. With Trend we have both.”
    Jason Line
    KB Racing
  • John Barilka - Hendricks Motorsports John Barilka - Hendricks Motorsports “Hendricks Motorsports and Trend Performance have been partners from the start As the sport becomes more demanding Trend continues to invest in product development and stay ahead of the curve.”
    John Barilka
    Hendrick Motorsports
  • Todd Okuhara - Schumacher Racing Todd Okuhara - Schumacher Racing “Nine years ago, I started with Schumacher Racing; six years ago when we encountered excessive pushrod deflection I switched to Trend Performance. We’ve been with Trend since.”
    Todd Okuhara
    Schumacher Racing
  • Kris Nelson - Nelson Competition Kris Nelson - Nelson Competition “In hostile environments like our high horsepower turbocharged or nitrous engines, Trend’s V40 pushrods and TP-1 piston pins are the only ones that live.”
    Kris Nelson
    Nelson Competition
  • Aaron Brooks - Morgan Lucas Racing Aaron Brooks - Morgan Lucas Racing “Before the introduction of the Trend TP-1 piston pin, we experienced bending, shattering and elongating. TP-1 pins are the strongest I’ve known. Unless we suffer catastrophic engine failure we rarely replace them.”
    Aaron Brooks
    Crew Chief
    Morgan Lucas Racing
  • Matt Hartford - Total Seal Matt Hartford - Total Seal “We rely on Trend for all our wrist pin and pushrod needs. The only thing that tops their product quality is their customer service!"
    Matt Hartford
    Total Seal
  • Aaron Tremayne - Tremaniac Racing Aaron Tremayne - Tremaniac Racing "The team here at Tremaniac Racing have been using Trend Performance products exclusively for well over 5 years now. The Trend Performance product is, in our opinion, the best quality product available on the market. The reliability they’ve displayed in our Australian Pro stock engines is a testament to the years of development and expertise that Trend Performance puts into their products. Quite simply - you can’t win championships at the highest level of motorsport without the highest quality components in your engines – we’ve been fortunate enough to win 5 Australian Pro Stock titles now and Trend performance have been with us all the way. So, whether it’s for our Pro Stock championship chasing efforts, or for our customer race engines builds – it’s Trend performance every time."
    Aaron Tremayne
    Tremaniac Racing Australia
  • Pat Musi - Musi Enterprises Pat Musi - Musi Enterprises "As a proven leader in EFI racing we use only the best parts in our motors. Trend pins are the best in the business and we wouldn’t think about using anything else."
    Pat Musi
    Musi Enterprises
  • Steve Morris - Steve Morris Engines Steve Morris - Steve Morris Engines "We have been very pleased with the quality of products from TREND PERFORMANCE. The staff is easy to work with, and their turn-around is great!"
    Steve Morris
    Steve Morris Engines
  • Sonny Lenard - Sonny's Automotive Sonny Lenard - Sonny's Automotive "Trend Performance pushrods as far as quality is second to none. Trend is always coming out with new technology to meet specific applications and works with me to meet my needs. Their wrist pins are outstanding for consistency and the finish is perfect. Their customer service is outstanding, I like that I can call and talk to someone or receive a call back in a timely manner regarding my engine project and needs."
    Sonny Lenard
    Sonny's Automotive
  • Rich Bruder - Bruder Brothers Racing Rich Bruder - Bruder Brothers Racing Trend Performance - "Thank you Steve and everyone at Trend". "We don't have any worries with your pushrods and wrist pins". "Your products are just amazing and thank you for all the support".
    Rich Bruder
    Bruder Brothers Racing
  • Mike Moran - Moran Racing Engines Mike Moran - Moran Racing Engines "Being an engine builder with such high standards and expectations, I can only associate myself with the best products and manufacturers in the world. Trend pushrod’s are at the top of that list."
    Mike Moran
    Moran Racing Engines
  • Billy Briggs - Billy Briggs Racing Engines Billy Briggs - Billy Briggs Racing Engines "Trend has a great product, I have been using their pushrods in every engine I build for quite some time now. Always being very pleased with every aspect of the product, from quality and durability to customer service. Almost everything I order is custom. I can pick up the phone, order them and have them in a day. Sometimes even the same day. I can’t say enough about the great quality or the fantastic customer service."
    Billy Briggs
    Billy Briggs Racing Engines
  • Michael Giannone - MGP Connecting Rods Michael Giannone - MGP Connecting Rods “Trend makes the best piston pin. It is of the highest quality. In squareness and straightness and quality of finish as well as the volatilities of heat treatment, Trend has it covered."
    Michael Giannone
    MGP Connecting Rods