Cup-Style Lifters

If you aspire to produce the best solid flat tappets, take notice of NASCAR Cup racing, for its regulations have influenced most of the improvements made in solid flat tappet design. Years ago solid flat tappets were manufactured from hardened iron or chilled iron and operated on cast iron camshafts. Today the tappets are fashioned from fine tool steels like M2, finished with a durable DLC coating, and operate on tool steel camshafts with case-hardened lobes.

Two of their essential requirements are strength and resistance to wear. These qualities are largely derived from careful, controlled heat treating processes, including hardening to Rockwell 64. To achieve their mirror-like status they are carefully ground and lapped to a micro-polished finish.

Premium Lifters for short track oval racing, Bracket racing, and street use

In 2011 Trend introduced a new series of uncoated tool steel solid flat tappets for engines using cast iron camshafts. Ideal for engines turning in excess of 7,000rpm with higher valve spring pressures, these tappets easily surpass the performance of their iron counterparts as they can be re-used many times. Also by returning them to Trend, their contact area (the foot) can be re-ground, allowing them to last indefinitely.